Why a Prince Memorial?

Prince was an innovator, a visionary and a legend.

Our company is based in Minnesota, so there is a special "hometown hero" element to our feelings for Prince. Originally we visited Paisley Park to capture the history of thousands of fans leaving notes, paintings, t-shirts, letters and even guitars to commemorate this incredible musician. Once we arrived, we met folks from the UK, Germany and Japan that had made the pilgrimage to Chanhassen, Minnesota to pay their respects.

This made us realize that for every piece of memorabilia that had been left, there were tens of thousands of fans that couldn't make the journey to witness this spectacle. While the digital version of the Paisley Park memorial doesn't compare to making the trek in person, it's the next best thing and we are happy to share this with the world.

You can walk the fences of Paisley Park by clicking the image below and see the hundreds of items that people have left to pay their respects to Prince as well as tag yourself and leave your thoughts, story or condolences.

We plan on sharing all the messages that are left on the virtual memorial with Paisley Park and hope that they make their way back to Prince's family and fans that adore him as much as we do.

So please, enjoy our tribute to Prince and his fans around the globe, and be sure to tag anywhere along the fence and leave your thoughts, story or condolences.

‐  The Gigapixel Imaging Team